The Young Investigators (YI) Program

Young investigators program

ISRA began its YI program in 2008 to encourage and assist young scholars who are getting started or are in the early stages of their aggression research career. Previous YIs have found the program very enjoyable and helpful. The YI program at our pre-meeting workshop Monday, July 9, 2018 in Paris, France will include:

A Pre-meeting YI Workshop

  1. A Pre-meeting YI Workshop. The 2018 Workshop will focus first on supportive group discussion to help YIs plan, write and/or revise grant applications in accord with reviewer criticisms. YIs are encouraged to submit their own proposals to be strengthened. Questions about publishing research on aggression, from general approaches to specific editing suggestions can be addressed next, depending on YI interest. Discussion will then be opened to any and all research ideas, problems and programs.
  2. Meet with mentors YIs will meet with a different panel of mentors during lunch or dinner on 3 days for informal discussion. Mentors may include plenary speakers who will be available for follow-up questions about their presentations
  3. Networking YIs will meet with members of ISRA. They will also get acquainted with other young investigators of their generation. Mutual support and fruitful collaborations have developed out of past YI interactions.
  4. Financial support Meeting registration cost will be covered. Limited stipends for travel will be available to applicants accepted into the program on an “as needed” basis.


We encourage graduate students, Postdoctoral Fellows and junior faculty within 3 years of their Graduate degree to apply.

Please submit:

  1. An abstract of the scientific work you would like to present at the ISRA 2018 meeting (250 words maximum). Posters are the usual mode of presentation, but you may request to do a platform presentation, which we will accommodate if possible. Indicate beneath your abstract if you prefer a poster or oral presentation format.
  2. A standard Curriculum Vitae
  3. A 250-word statement summarizing your research interests and how participating in the YI Program would advance your professional development. Students should include a letter from their advisor or have her/him send a letter verifying your student status. We will choose YI participants based on the originality and promise of their work in human or other animal, observational, experimental or theoretical analyses of aggression.


  • If the abstract you are submitting to the YI Program is part of a symposium already submitted for the February 1 deadline, please note that in your cover email to M. Potegal
  • If your abstract is not part of an already submitted symposium, then it should be sent directly to M. Potegal; it should not be submitted thru this portal
  • If you are making multiple submissions to the meeting, your YI application should contain the single abstract that you would most like the YI Committee to review

PLEASE NOTE: Submitting an application means that you propose to present a poster or a talk at the 2018 ISRA meeting AND that you wish to be considered for the YI Program. ISRA decisions about these two requests are separate. You will be informed first about whether the abstract is accepted for presentation (most are) and also about participating in the YI Program.  Deadline for YI applications is March 1, 2018.

Direct any questions about the Young Investigators Program, and submit your YI application materials, to 2018 YI Program Chair M. Potegal at:

For more information about ISRA, visit our website at:

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